Design, Build and Field Trial of Downhole Gas Compressor (DGC)


As the gas well matured the pressure in it decreases, therefore, production flow rate reduces and at some point the well stops operating.


In 2013 CET completed design and build of the downhole gas compressor (DGC) to operate deployed 2km into a gas well.

The 45kW DGC package consists of 3 compressors, each with a highly efficient mixed flow impeller directly connected to a permanent magnet motor suspended on gas bearings. They are driven by inverters built to operate in the harsh gas well environment. At the wellhead the package has a surface module communicating with the downhole equipment and powering/controlling the individual compressors.

Three variants of DGC were extensively tested in a clean natural gas flow loop in the north of England. Subsequently the DGC for the American customer was tested in a live gas well in Texas.


The performed testing confirmed that implementation of DGC can extend the life of the gas well for another 2-3 years.

Architecture 3 stages, permanent magnet motor with gas bearings and downhole inverter driver 3 stages, permanent magnet motor with gas bearings and downhole inverter driver
Process medium Unfiltered, wet natural gas Unfiltered, wet natural gas
Inlet temperature 100°C 70°C
Inlet pressure 5barg 15barg
Pressure Ratio 2.2 1.5
Rated Power 45kW(Net) 45kW(Net)
Rotational Speed 52,500rpm 60,000rpm

Note: TPG D&T business was dissolved in 2017. Its core Technical Team, who pioneered this project formed C2 Technology, to continue D&T’s business of developing innovative technologies for energy industry.

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