Power to Pressure - Air Compressor for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Applications


The client required an efficient high speed air compressor for their hydrogen fuel cell system that would operate across a broad range of flow rates for their automotive and marine clients.


C2 Technology worked with the client to build a detailed statement of requirements for a 20kW air compressor.

Following the statement of requirements, we designed a high-speed turbo compressor consisting of highly efficient radial impeller directly connected to a permanent magnet motor, suspended on gas bearings and capable of operating at 100,000rpm.

Furthermore, post detailed design we provided manufacturing, assembly and test support to the client's engineering team.


The compressor was built by the client and successfully tested.

During the tests we provided all the required support.

Subsequently the compressor was shipped to their client for field trials.

Architecture Two stages, permanent magnet motor with gas bearings
Process media Air
Inlet temperature Ambient
Inlet pressure Ambient
Pressure ratio 2.5
Rated power 20kW(net)
Rotational speed 100,000rpm

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