Feasibility Study of MECS as a GLDE


During the pressure reduction of natural gas, that is supplied at high pressure from the gas distribution network, a significant amount of power is released to the environment.

Our client's site has a pressure reducing and metering station (PRMS) reducing the natural gas pressure from 30barg to 3.5 barg. Electrical heaters are used to preheat the gas prior to the pressure reduction process.


C2 Technology’s MECS as a GLDE was assessed alongside the usage of our customers waste heat supply to generate 75kW of grid compliant electricity during the pressure reduction process.

The system architecture utilises a single 75kW MECS GLDE and support systems to reduce the pressure of the supplied natural gas in parallel to the existing PRMS.


Results of the feasibility showed, based on a detailed analysis of there gas consumption and cost of heating, that the installation of a 75kW MECS GLDE if installed between June 2021 and May 2022 they would achieve a net generation of 600MWh and a carbon reduction of 140ton of CO2 with a payback period of less than 2.5 years.

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