Front End Engineering of GLDE


During the pressure reduction of natural gas, that is supplied at high pressure from the gas distribution network, a significant amount of power is released to the environment.

Our client's site has a pressure reduction station (PRS) reducing the natural gas pressure from 35barg to 5 barg. Gas boilers are used to preheat the gas prior to the pressure reduction process.


C2 Technology carried out a front-end engineering design of a 2 stage 150kW system creating detailed documentation for the customer to seek approvals for its installation.


Results of the front-end engineering design provided our customer with all the technical information required for the first phase of the project.

The installation of the 150kW MECS GLDE planned to be installed in 2024 and is predicted to achieve a net generation of 1.2GWh per year with a payback period of less than 2.0 years.

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