On Platform Gas Compressor (OPC)


As the gas well matured the pressure in it decreases, therefore, production flow rate reduces and at some point the well stops operating.


In 2015-2017 D&T developed for one of the largest oil&gas companies a compressor-booster for offshore installation.

A 180kW turbocompressor driven by the high-speed integrated permanent magnet motor was designed with the rotor suspended on active magnetic bearings.


The design was fully certified by the notified body for operations in Class 2 Hazardous Zone under gas working pressures up to 80barg.

Payback period (PBP) for the package has been estimated to be about four to six months after its deployment

Unfortunately, due to fluctuations in natural gas prices the client ceased production in the gas field that the system was designed for.

Architecture Single stage, permanent magnet motor with magnet bearings
Process media Natural gas after well head separator
Inlet temperature 100°C
Inlet pressure 80barg
Pressure ratio 1.1
Rated power 180kW(net)
Rotational speed 16,000rpm
Compliance API/UL

Note: TPG D&T business was dissolved in 2017. Its core Technical Team, who pioneered this project formed C2 Technology, to continue D&T’s business of developing innovative technologies for energy industry.

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