Design and Build of Steam Compressor


Low quality waste steam is usually condensed before being returned to the boiler. Large quantities of heat energy are wasted into the environment.


In 2012, CET developed a 50kW steam turbo compressor. It was designed, with a two-stage configuration, to operate in a range of applications including mechanical vapour recompression (MVR), as a high temperature heat pump or as a low-pressure steam generator.


This unit underwent a 1000 hours client site endurance test.

A field trial was not conducted as development was focused on the Steam expander generator.

The project was subsequently cancelled when TPG D&T was dissolved.

Architecture Single stage, permanent magnet motor with gas bearings
Process media Steam
Inlet temperature Saturated
Inlet pressure 7-14barg
Outlet pressure 1-4barg
Rated power 50kW(net)
Rotational speed 70,000rpm
Compliance Certified for use in the UK

Note: TPG D&T business was dissolved in 2017. Its core Technical Team, who pioneered this project formed C2 Technology, to continue D&T’s business of developing innovative technologies for energy industry.

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