Our Product - Modular Energy Conversion System (MECS)

The C2 Technology MECS is a 75kW or 150kW package configured around a single or dual high speed turbocompressor or torbogenerator. After extensive requirements capture and analyses of a client's plant/facility we deliver a tailored MECS which fits exactly to their needs

MECS Features Include

  • Clean power generation without CO2 emissions
  • High efficiency as it is configured for the client’s specific needs
  • Oil free with no risk of contamination of the process media
  • Eco-friendly, with no leakage of the process media into the environment
  • High reliability and durability due to wearless gas bearings enabling low maintenance costs
  • Flexibility of installation close to the process source due to its compact and adaptable footprint
  • Low investment costs as a payback period (PBP) is about 2-3 years across the variety of application areas
  • Long life span of 25-30 years contributing to high overall ROI values
  • Supplied as a plug and play system minimising onsite disruptions
  • Automated control maintains downstream pressure whilst generating optimal electrical output and maintaining safety and integrity of the system
  • Easy to use with little training

MECS Installation Arrangements

The examples of installation arrangements below show how the MECS can be integrated into a gas let-down pressure to power (P2P) or closed loop WHR waste energy recovery (WER) systems.

Steam users find out more…
High pressure natural gas users find out more…
Download a datasheet for MECS P2P configuration…

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